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Clustering mit Google Analytics und R

Manche Fragen lassen sich nicht so einfach oder auch gar nicht mit der Benutzeroberfläche von Google Analytics beantworten (das gilt übrigens auch für Adobe Analytics, Piwik, etc). Zwar bietet Google Analytics eine mächtige und einfach zu nutzende Funktionalität an, um Segmente basierend auf Geräte, Akquisitionskanäle oder Browser manuell zu bilden und miteinander zu vergleichen, aber sobald es über diese Standardsegmente hinaus oder zu Kombinationen mehrerer Dimensionen geht, wird der Aufwand komplex. Oft genug wird dann auch einfach nur in den Daten “gestochert” und gehofft, dass man etwas Wertvolles findet. Genau hier kommen die Vorteile der Kombination von Google Analytics und R ins Spiel. Eine Möglichkeit, Google Analytics und R miteinander zu verbinden ist das R Package googleAnalyticsR von Mark Edmonson, das ich in diesem Artikel beispielhaft verwenden werde.Continue reading

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Data Science & Analytics – Course Material

This is the English version of the Data Science / Analytics script. Work in Progress!

This is a growing collection of data science, data analysis and web analytics information and resources that are used for courses I offer.

Data Analysis/Analytics HAW SS 2018

Data analytics and, as a subset, web analytics have become existential parts in the development and optimization of websites and apps, but also in product development, research and business strategy. The digital transformation of industries will result in more and more data to be produced and in a higher demand for people who are able to translate business problems into data and back to business solutions.

The course will introduce into the basics of data analysis and statistics based on real-life projects which will require students to invest additional time between the course dates. The course will also prepare for the certification of the Digital Analytics Association.

Course Dates:

  • 24.3./10:00: We will meet in front of the building!
  • 7.4.
  • 21.4.
  • 5.5. (cancelled)
  • 2.6.
  • 16.6.
  • 30.6. New date

Please note that you need to be on the participants list in order to take part due to seating limitations.

Important Information

  • You will need to use R or RStudio respectively; please have a look at the tools section about R
  • If you have trouble installing R, I can provide access to a RStudio server
  • In order to pass the course, you will need to pass tests on EMIL. You will pass all tests by attending or reading this script. Attending has the advantage that you will practice the stuff.
  • Please be on time
  • Please don’t talk when I am talking; you cannot listen when you are talking, and it is also bad for my voice
  • Please leave your mobile in your pockets and don’t chat; I do notice, also if you use Whatsapp on your computer etc. We are going to deal with complex stuff, so you will need to focus.
  • Please don’t copy stuff from Wikipedia etc. If you do, you will not pass.

Course Curriculum

Other Resources

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