Roller Derby: Kick Ass Cup 2017

Roller Derby Kick Ass Cup 2017 Hamburg
Roller Derby Kick Ass Cup 2017 Hamburg

Our home team Harbor Girls invited teams from France and Belgium to this year’s Kick Ass Cup, so I write this in English in case that someone from these teams reads these lines.

The Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz, the Brussels Derby Pixies, and the Caen Roller Derby gave our Harbor Girls a hard time. And also me. I am not a roller derby expert, but some of the situations seemed to be much faster than I am used to. It is difficult enough to shoot a moving target, and it gets even more difficult when the target moves faster than what you expected it to be. I switched from Autofocus to manual focus, back and forth, and now I admire Stefan’s work even more as he only focusses manually with his Leica. The venue added more difficulty due to the sparse light as soon as the sun went away. When the sun light entered through the windows, it’s sunbeams were not spread evenly, so I spent much time adjusting settings etc.

Having said that, these are small challenges compared to the efforts required to organize such an event. While I do most of my work on the sofa (you are aware that processing the pics takes longer than shooting them, are you?), there was so much attention to details, be it the little games between the bouts, be it the amazing food, be it the small DIY stations, be it the glitter fairy ­čÖé This has been an enormous effort for all parties involved. In addition, every team had three matches, and as mentioned above, these matches were not a piece of cake. I was already exhausted after two bouts (in fact, I did not shoot more than two bouts each day), and I did not push other people from the track while skating with dozens of miles per hour. Kudos to Karsten and Nikolaus who managed to shoot the whole tournament.

As always, I forgot to sync my cameras before the event, so there is no particular order in the photos below. Some more photos may follow. But at least I remembered to bring my ear protection. If you plan to become a roller derby photographer and to take photos from the inside without ear protection, expect the refs’ whistles to make you deaf for the rest of the day.

After 9 events and more than 20 bouts this year, this was my last derby for several months. See you soon!

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