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Digital Analytics/Data Analysis (English, HAW)

Data analytics and, as a subset, web analytics have become existential parts in the development and optimization of websites and apps, but also in product development, research and business strategy. The digital transformation of industries will result in more and more data to be produced and in a higher demand for people who are able to translate business problems into data and back to business solutions.

The course will introduce into the basics of data analysis and statistics based on real-life projects which will require students to invest additional time between the course dates.

English Material

Search Engines / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are an elementary point of contact for Internet users, so the desire to be at the top of Google & Co is greater than ever. The optimization of websites and external factors for a better ranking has become a small science in its own right, because the ranking algorithms are too complex to be understood by humans. But search engine optimization does not only consist of technical optimization or writing texts; a deep understanding of how search engines work is just as essential as the ability to collect and interpret the right data.

For the seminar, groups will build own sites that must be optimized for a term for that no results exist today. In addition, a presentation on a topic will be expected from each participant.

Material for Search Engines/Search Engine Optimization


Data-driven Personas (Code University Talk)

This is a summary of the talk given at the Code University Berlin. It covers most of what I have done about data-driven personas: Combining qualitative and quantitative data.